Let Me Help You Find Your Next Porsche

Find your dream car with the help of a true Porsche enthusiast

Let Me Be Your Porsche Advocate

Finding the right Porsche or preparing one for sale can be a time consuming and exhaustive journey. Allow me to be your Porsche advocate! I'm available for simple phone consultations to decision making to locating and purchasing to price negotiations to inspections to transportation and beyond. I can take care of all the details from beginning to end to make your experience a pleasant and easy one. 

Partner with Me

Working with me is about saving time, money, and being able to access my wealth of knowledge and resources. No detail will be overlooked. I am happy to protect your privacy and identity while focusing on finding the right car at the best possible price in any market and for any car.  


What it's like to work with Michael...

"Working with Michael presented one of the fastest and easiest car selling experiences of my life. He made the process absolutely seamless. A real pro."

Don J. 

"I heard about Michael through a mutual friend. I already knew exactly what kind of Porsche I wanted, but didn't have the time to vet it out and make sure it was a good buy for the asking price. Michael did all the work for me and it saved me both a great deal of time and money. I'd recommend him to anyone buying or selling a Porsche."

Richard S. 

"Michael's the real deal. I've been in sales my whole career and I was impressed with how smooth the transaction went."

Carl L. 

"I was buying my first Porsche and was having trouble deciding between a few models. Michael walked me through my options, then went on to find the perfect Porsche for me. I couldn't be happier with his help!" 

Marie M.